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CM12.x/CM13 Galaxy S6


Theme for CM12 theme engine base on Galaxy S6 style.All new information please visit Galaxy S6 icons- Galaxy S6 control components.- Quick settings with Galaxy S6 style- Setting with Galaxy S6 style- Keyboard with Galaxy S6 style- Dialer and Contact with Galaxy S6 styleThemed packages:- SystemUI- Settings- Dialer- Email- Contact- SMS- Phone- Browser- Gallery- Vending- ElevenPlease reboot your phone after apply the theme. Hope you enjoy it.
Version 4.3:- Improve CM13 systemUI, settings.Version 4.2:- Fix bug in mobile settingsVersion 4.1:- Support CM13 - Android 6.01 ( newest)Version 4.0:- Support CM13- Improve Eleven musicVersion 3.2:- Fix icon in statusbar- Fix dialerVersion 3.0:- Fix statusbar icon- Change Setting theme (change color of category title background)- Add Hangouts- Change Whatsapp - Change InstagramVersion 2.0:- Change Dialer theme- Add Whatsapp- Add Instagram